Canadian Theatre Agreement Fees

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Canadian Theatre Agreement Fees

Canadian Theatre Agreement fees: What you need to know

If you work in the Canadian theatre industry, you may have heard of the Canadian Theatre Agreement (CTA). The CTA is a collective agreement between the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) and the Canadian Actors` Equity Association (CAEA). It sets out the terms and conditions for actors, stage managers, and directors working in professional Canadian theatres. One key aspect of the CTA is the fee structure for performers and stage managers. In this article, we`ll explain what you need to know about CTA fees.

Base fees

The CTA sets out minimum base fees for performers and stage managers, based on the type of production and the size of the theatre. The fees are calculated per week of rehearsals and performances. For example, in the 2020-2023 CTA, the base fee for actors in a production with a seating capacity of 1-300 is $964 per week. For a production in a theatre with a capacity of 1,301-2,500, the base fee is $1,194 per week. These fees are subject to annual increases negotiated by PACT and CAEA.

Additional fees

In addition to base fees, the CTA also sets out various additional payments that performers and stage managers are entitled to. These include:

– Performance fees: for each performance in excess of the minimum number of performances specified in the CTA (usually 8 per week)

– Rehearsal fees: for each rehearsal in excess of the minimum number specified in the CTA (usually 25 per week)

– Travel expenses: for performers and stage managers who must travel to a production outside of their home city

– Housing and per diem: for performers and stage managers who must stay overnight in a location other than their home city

– Health and welfare: a contribution to a fund that provides health and other benefits to performers and stage managers

The CTA also includes provisions for overtime pay, meal breaks, and other work conditions.

Negotiating fees

While the CTA sets out minimum fees and payments, it is possible for performers and stage managers to negotiate higher fees with producers. This is particularly true for performers with a higher level of experience or a more prominent role in the production. However, any fees negotiated must still meet or exceed the minimums set out in the CTA.


CTA fees are an important aspect of working in the Canadian theatre industry. By understanding the minimum fees and additional payments set out in the CTA, performers and stage managers can ensure that they are being compensated fairly for their work. It is also important to keep in mind that fees can be negotiated, but any agreements must still meet or exceed the minimums set out in the CTA.