Mary Kay Online Agreement

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Mary Kay Online Agreement

As a freelance professional, I have researched and compiled valuable information about the Mary Kay Online Agreement, its benefits, and how to join. Mary Kay is a reputable direct selling company that provides skin care, makeup, and fragrances for women. Mary Kay Ash, its founder, believed that women could achieve success in business while making a difference in people`s lives.

What Is The Mary Kay Online Agreement?

The Mary Kay Online Agreement is a program that allows independent beauty consultants to sell Mary Kay products exclusively online. It enables you to expand your business and reach customers who prefer to shop online. By signing up for the program, you agree to abide by Mary Kay`s policies and procedures, including the online selling guidelines, and to use the company`s official website for promoting and selling products.

What Are The Benefits Of The Mary Kay Online Agreement?

The Mary Kay Online Agreement presents several benefits for independent beauty consultants, including:

1. Increased Sales Opportunities: The online program provides consultants with an additional platform to promote and sell Mary Kay products. It enables them to reach customers beyond their local communities and expand their customer base.

2. Flexibility: By selling online, consultants can work from home or anywhere they choose, without having to attend physical events or meet customers in person.

3. Convenience: Customers can browse through the Mary Kay online store at any time, make purchases, and have them delivered to their doorstep without having to leave their homes.

4. Training and Support: Mary Kay provides training and support to its online consultants to help them succeed in their business endeavors.

How To Join The Mary Kay Online Agreement?

To join the Mary Kay Online Agreement program, you must be a registered independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay and have an active consultant agreement. Additionally, you must complete the following steps:

1. Agree to the Terms and Conditions: Read and agree to the Mary Kay Online Agreement and comply with its terms and conditions.

2. Complete the Online Training: Mary Kay provides online training that covers the online selling guidelines, website navigation, and customer service.

3. Launch Your Personal Mary Kay Website: Mary Kay provides consultants with a personal website that they can customize with their own branding and content. Consultants can display products, share beauty tips, and connect with customers.


In conclusion, the Mary Kay Online Agreement provides a great opportunity for independent beauty consultants to expand their sales, reach more customers, and grow their business. By signing up for the program, consultants can benefit from increased flexibility, convenience, and access to valuable training and support. If you`re an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay, signing up for the Online Agreement program is a great step to take for continued success in your business.